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Top 15 Most Devastating WWE Injuries

Top 15 Most Devastating WWE Injuries

  1. Hardcore Holly Gets Dropped On His Head

Due to the sheer size and beastliness of Brock Lesnar, it’s honestly surprising that more superstars haven’t been hurt by this huge star. Aside from the time when he threw a car door (like a Frisbee) thirty feet into the crowd, Lesnar’s most notable flirt with danger (causing danger to others that is) was a botched powerbomb to Bob Holly. Holly was supposed to reverse the move and land on his feet, however, either him or Lesnar made a drastic mistake causing Holly to fall onto the back of his neck and head. Head and neck injuries are featured prominently on this list because of the huge impact they can have on these superstars in regards to not only their careers, but their very lives.

  1. Seth Rollins Injures His Leg

One of the saddest facts of this list is that many of these injuries had a hugely adverse impact on the careers of some very talented individuals. Such was the fear when current WWE Champion Seth Rollins injured his leg during a live event in 2015. Prior to this, Rollins was the darling of the Authority and had been the most featured figure on Raw television for much of the past year. However, watching the video above it was hard to believe that Rollins could ever return to become the same superstar he was prior to this incident. It would soon be revealed that Rollins had torn several muscles in his leg, putting his very career in jeopardy. Luckily Rollins returned in 2016 and quickly re-established himself as one of Raw’s top players.

  1. Lesnar Botches Shooting Star Press

Before we describe the entry which lands Lesnar’s shooting star press on this list, let’s first take a minute to appreciate someone Lesnar’s size being so athletic that he can pull off a top rope move usually reserved for Cruiserweights and other smaller wrestlers. Most people know about Lesnar’s botched shooting star press against Kurt Angle for the simple fact that the botch occurred on the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania. During the incident, Lesnar failed to revolve a full turn, causing him to land squarely on the top of his head. Lesnar is clearly woozy for the remainder of the match, and no one was surprised afterwards when it was revealed that he suffered a concussion on the botch. Pretty gruesome.

  1. Stone Cold’s Neck is Broken

If there was ever a move that your parents didn’t want you imitating on your siblings it was certainly the traditional piledriver. It is simply too easy for your victim to slip just a little bit, causing their head to strike the floor, potentially causing immense neck and head injuries. The #7 gruesome injury on our list illustrates this when the botched piledriver by the incredibly talented wrestler Owen Hart led a broken neck being suffered by Stone Cold Steve Austin. WWE has since strayed away from the pile driver, including modifying Undertaker’s version to make it safer, but there is no denying the danger of the move. Especially when you witness a gruesome injury happening to one of the company’s top stars.

  1. Owen Hart’s Untimely Death

I debated even including this entry on our list, but if you’re talking about the inherent dangers of professional wrestling, you cannot fail to include the events that led to the death of Owen Hart. During a stunt where Hart was supposed to be lowered to the ring in a harness, the clip holding Hart released, causing him to fall over seventy feet and land on the top ring rope. This occurred during a pay-per-view event, however, it was not yet live on television so it was only viewed by the live audience. Hart would be worked on by emergency personnel before being transported to the hospital, but to no avail. He would later die from massive internal bleeding, thus ending the life and career of one of WWE’s most talented superstars and rising stars.

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