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Feature: A Breakdown of the Nintendo Switch eShop Games of 2017

Feature: A Breakdown of the Nintendo Switch eShop Games of 2017

Feature: A Breakdown of the Nintendo Switch eShop Games of 2017

The key releases not featured in the Nindie showcase

Today brought us the Nintendo Switch Nindie Showcase, which contained a whole lot of intriguing reveals of download games. If you want to catch up on all the notable announcements check out our Nintendo Switch and Switch eShop channels (mainly the latter).

In addition, though, Nintendo unveiled an awesome infographic showing off Nindie content coming in 2017. It’s below, for reference, so we thought we’d take those on the list that are surprises or unfamiliar and break them down. We’ve taken out games confirmed in the Showcase or covered by us before, focusing on those that are we haven’t previously mentioned or are ‘new’.

Feature: A Breakdown of the Nintendo Switch eShop Games of 2017

There are a lot of games there, so we’re going to adopt short and snappy summaries and let footage do the talking, where possible. Hopefully the list will give you an idea of the Switch downloadable goodies on the way this year, so let’s get to it.

Celeste – Developed by the team behind the excellent Towerfall Ascension, this is all about an adventure climbing a mountain, solving mysteries and dealing with your character’s shortcomings.

TowerFall Ascension – A welcome port on the way to the Switch, as this was a big hit on consoles and PC for its chaotic multiplayer, in particular.

The Fall Part 2: Unbound – This should be familiar, as it’s a sequel that’s also coming to the Wii U eShop; here’s hoping the intriguing premise and gameplay come through well in this follow-up.

sU and the Quest for meaning – Developed by Guillaume Bouckaert and familiar from Indie Jam events, this is a stylised ‘endless hardcore platformer’.

Thumper – This looks like one to be rather excited about, described as “a rhythm violence game: classic action, breakneck speed, and brutal physicality”. It’s been much acclaimed on PSN and PC.

Splasher – An extremely colourful action platformer that just recently arrived on PC through platforms such as Steam. It’s had ‘Very Positive’ reviews on that store so far and has an aesthetic that will be right at home on Nintendo hardware.

NBA Playgrounds – To be blunt, we don’t know what this is and can’t find any real information about it (by all means correct us in the comments). The logo is in the infographic, and that’s it.

Enter the Gungeon – Now we’re back on more solid ground with a Dodge Roll game published by Devolver Digital. Already out on PS4 and PC, for example, it’s a chaotic dungeon crawler with gunplay at its heart.

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