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8 Most Annoying Things About Apple

8 Most Annoying Things About Apple

8 Most Annoying Things About Apple


If you ask Siri whether she likes Apple, she’ll often answer, “Personally, I’m an Apple fan.” But even Siri probably has a few gripes with Cupertino — whether or not she’ll share them with iPhone users. Even the biggest Apple fans probably have a few complaints about the company behind the iPhone and the Mac. Read on to check out a few of the things that annoy us the most about Apple and its products.

  1. It’s never a good time to buy an iPhone

As you’ve likely figured out if you have an iPhone that you’re looking to upgrade, there’s really no good time to buy a new iPhone. The annual release cycle of the iPhone is pretty dependable, so you can be assured at any time that a new iPhone is on its way. Because there’s always a new iPhone on the horizon, buying a new iPhone necessitates thinking about how soon you actually need to upgrade and how upset you’ll be if your few-month-old iPhone is outmoded by a new model. You always have to be mentally prepared for an announcement of an even newer iPhone, which is often made worse by the constant and internet-enabled state of speculation about what features the next iPhone will introduce.

  1. Rumors about the next iPhone start as soon as one is released

Apple’s product launches are seriously over-hyped, a fact that’s pretty obvious when you consider the fact that the Apple rumor mill kicks into high gear speculating about the next iPhone as soon as one is released. The cycle of rumors, leaks, and reports about a new iPhone model seems to start earlier and earlier each year. Even before the iPhone 7’s introduction, we heard plenty of rumors about the iPhones that Apple will release in 2017. Thanks to the yearly charade of iPhone launches, you’ll always feel like you’re missing out on something, even if this year’s iPhone is only an incremental update to last year’s model. Apple is extremely secretive, much more so than many competing tech companies, some of which like to talk about upcoming products in order to generate buzz.

  1. For products other than iPhones, users have no idea when a refresh is coming

Unless you keep up with (and put stock in) the leaks, rumors, and hearsay that populate a variety of Apple-themed blogs, you’re left in the dark about release cycles of products other than the iPhone. Especially when it comes to Apple’s Mac lineup, the company continues to offer plenty of devices at its launch prices even years after they were introduced. You never know when Apple is going to refresh a specific product, which makes it difficult to figure out when you should make a purchase. Should you settle for a model that’s been out for a few years, or are you going to be kicking yourself when, a few months later, Apple introduces a new version at the same price? With Apple, it’s hard to know.

  1. Apple’s prices are too high

If you’re set on buying the Apple version of any tech product — whether a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer — you can be pretty sure that you’re going to pay more than it would cost you to purchase a gadget from another brand. A key piece of the puzzle when deciding whether you need a Mac or a PC is to determine whether you’re OK with a machine that doesn’t give you the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to specifications. Upgrading specific components, like the internal storage, is much more expensive than it should be. Additionally, repairs to Apple products are almost invariably expensive, whether or not you opt to purchase an AppleCare plan. And if you need to replace Apple-branded accessories, you can also expect to pay far more than would be ideal.

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