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The 15 Most Promiscuous Divas In WWE History

The 15 Most Promiscuous Divas In WWE History

The 15 Most Promiscuous Divas In WWE History


WWE’s Women’s Division has only recently become a credible part of the WWE roster, with the likes of Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Bayley leading a women’s revolution from NXT dating way back to 2015.

The women have not always been used in this way. Over the past few decades WWE women have created quite a reputation for themselves and the annual WWE Diva Search didn’t help matters when WWE made it blatantly clear that they would prefer to sign their women based on looks rather than wrestling ability.

Women were known as Divas and they were said to be sexy, smart, and powerful, but some of these women lacked the smart part. The women who came into WWE in the late 1990s and early 2000s were not used as effectively as they could have been and essentially became eye candy for the male demographic of the audience.

Not only that, but it seemed that many of these women have gained themselves quite the reputation when it comes to outside of the ring as well as inside it. Rumours follow these women around throughout their time in WWE and ultimately it is these rumours that make or break their characters.

The following is a list of women who have become known more for their escapades outside of the ring, rather than in it which is why they are considered some of the most promiscuous women in sports entertainment.


  1. Maria

Maria was one of the aforementioned women who was signed to WWE after she participated in the Diva Search. Maria had no wrestling ability and was only signed based on the way she looked.

She became a backstage interviewer for WWE and this allowed her access to the talent. She was in a relationship with CM Punk for a few years after she joined WWE and was rumoured to have also hooked up with John Cena at the same time. Of course, Maria was in a storyline with Cena so it did make sense. Obviously, the current TNA star didn’t end up with either man, as she married former Ring of Honor star Mike Bennett in October 2014.

  1. Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss has made quite a splash on SmackDown since she was drafted over to the Tuesday night show back in July. She is the current SmackDown Women’s Champion and recently made history when she was part of the first ever female main event steel cage match on the blue brand.

That being said, Alexa became known down in NXT as the woman who was only being pushed because she was “becoming close’” to the right people. An anonymous source leaked the rumour that Alexa Bliss was a Ring Rat, and apparently sleeping with many stars backstage at NXT so that she could be pushed in the women’s division. The source was never revealed, but Alexa has had to live with the reputation ever since.

  1. Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler became famous during her time in WWE, because of her long legs, the legs that helped her land a relationship with Hollywood star George Clooney. Before Stacy left WWE and began working on her life outside of the company, she was quite well known by much of the male roster.

Her first high-profile relationship was with the son of 16 time World Champion Ric Flair before she moved on to a relationship with Andrew “Test” Martin. Stacy was also rumoured to have been in a relationship with Jamie Foxx, but it seems that she has finally settled down now with husband Jared Pobre and their two-year-old daughter, Ava Grace.

  1. Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella and her sister Brie have made quite the impression on the WWE roster over the past few years. The Divas were asked to return to the company back in 2012 after a few years away when it was made public knowledge that they were dating two of the biggest stars in the company.

Nikki Bella is not only currently dating John Cena, the undisputed Face of WWE, but she was previously in a two-year relationship with former World Champion Dolph Ziggler, and admitted recently on her show Total Divas that she was also married for three years and didn’t tell anyone about it. She managed to keep the entire marriage a secret for more than a decade.

  1. Melina

Melina was perhaps one of the standout wrestlers of her generation. After the likes of Trish Stratus and Lita had retired back in 2006, Melina and Mickie James were two of best wrestlers on WWE’s roster.

Melina is a former WWE Women’s and Divas Champion, but because she not only dated Johnny Nitro/Morrison for a number of years but also cheated on him with Batista, in a fling that The Animal also kept from his own wife, she is remembered a little differently by the WWE Universe… which is completely understandable.

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