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15 Hottest Pictures Of ‘Big Bang Theory’ Cast Members

15 Hottest Pictures Of ‘Big Bang Theory’ Cast Members

15 Hottest Pictures Of ‘Big Bang Theory’ Cast Members


Inarguably one of the most divisive shows on television today, The Big Bang Theory has almost as many detractors as it does fans, and that is saying a lot. No matter what you think of the quality of the show however, you’d have to be blind to think that it doesn’t feature some quality hotties. Starting out as a show focused on a foursome of nerdy and shy scientists friends, as well as the hot neighbor of two of them, over time the show has become more of an ensemble. Adding Bernadette Rostenkowski and Amy Farrah Fowler to the show’s principal cast, these new characters introduced a duo of pretty ladies for fans to look at. Now featuring the acting abilities of Kaley Cuoco, Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik on top of the starring male actors, we decided it was about time the ladies took the spotlight. As such, we have opted to put together this list of the hottest pictures of the female actors from The Big Bang Theory.

When it comes to the photos we’ve chosen, the only prerequisite was that one of the female stars of The Big Bang Theory can be seen and looks great. That means that the inclusion of people uninvolved with a show will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. We did limit ourselves to the stars of the show, so photos of guest stars, no matter how many appearances they’ve made, were never going to find their way here. We also chose to leave out Sara Gilbert, who you may not realize was listed as a starring actress during the show’s second season because she never really felt like she had more than a recurring role. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

  1. Panty Peak

A photo of the always gorgeous Melissa Rauch, this photo may just be the perfect combination of a classic look, a bit of skin and a modern beauty. Wearing sexy high heels and a dress that is hiked up in the back, these two elements give us an amazing peak at a part of her we’d never really fully appreciated in the past. Blessed with nice legs that look soft and inviting, it is a mystery to us that the actress hasn’t given the world a better view of them in the past. Of course, that is to say nothing about the garters, pantyhose, and pink undies we are getting a gander at and there are zero questions that is what makes this photo so exceptionally hot. Throw in the innocent look on her face and it begins to feel like a lucky coincidence that we’re getting the view we are, which is far more arousing than the fact that this was obviously orchestrated.

  1. Pretty Perch

Looking as though she is on some kind of TV set, Kaley Cuoco looks like she should clearly be the center of attention here or anywhere she goes. Aside from the massive chair she sits on and the luxurious rug beneath its legs, her unusually large hair makes her look like someone who has all eyes on her whenever she enters a room. Wearing a simple dress, it may be somewhat unexceptional but it serves our purposes splendidly as a lot of her body is being put on display. Whether you look upon her cleavage first or her legs, that are pretty much in your face, you likely have a smile on your face while doing it. We know we sure did and think any likeminded individual would do the same.

  1. Melissa’s Rope

While Bernadette, the character Melissa Rauch plays on The Big Bang Theory is mostly played like an innocent woman, it is her bossy outbursts that largely make her interesting. The same could be said of what makes this specific photo so fantastic to behold as it is a big departure from the type of look we have typically seen garbed in. Wearing a top that looks like little more than a bra and what could be leather straps, it brings our attention to her chest which is unquestionably one of her greatest physical attributes. Rocking hair that looks both made up and messy at the same time, it brings to mind thoughts of our favourite manner of messing up our significant other’s do. Finally, our favourite aspect of this particular image has to be the come hither look on her face which is something people love seeing on a beautiful woman’s face.

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