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The 15 Hottest Netflix Girls That Bare It All

The 15 Hottest Netflix Girls That Bare It All

The 15 Hottest Netflix Girls That Bare It All


Netflix is absolutely changing the way that people watch television. I mean seriously, who doesn’t have a Netflix account in 2017? If people weren’t subscribing to the service to check out old favorites (The Office and Friends), Netflix is constantly pumping out original content that is truly outstanding.

One thing that Netflix makes very clear? Some of their shows are definitely not afraid to explore the bedroom (…or prison cell). As a result, we’ve tracked down the 15 most gorgeous women from Netflix original series that just happen to have bared it all, knocked boots, or both!

There is no surprise that Orange is the New Black makes an appearance on our list, but that is not the only show to explore some girl on girl love. We also strive for variety as we track down not only known stars that get dirty but some gorgeous women who are just starting to make a name for themselves.

Then, of course, we end with a marathon of some of the steamiest things that OITNB has thrown our way so far… but can you really blame us? On top of all of this, you’ll also get some great behind the scenes quotes from almost all of the women below including their thoughts on the scenes, and some fun tidbits like which celebrity Kate Mara put on her breasts.

If you have a Netflix account, you have these shows. Guess we know what you’re watching this weekend!

  1. Kate Mara – House Of Cards: Put Pictures Of Spacey On Her Chest

Kate Mara is only one of the tremendous actors in House of Cards that helped make the show such a huge success. There are several scenes in the series in which Mara needs to transfer her acting to the bedroom, something that Mara felt comfortable doing.

In fact, she felt so relaxed that she took the opportunity to try and make Spacey laugh

“I was trying to make him laugh. We have a scene where I may or may not disrobe. They give you these little pasties to cover your nipples, I didn’t like the shape of them. ‘So I thought, how can I make Kevin laugh during his close-up. So, the first time around I printed out just pictures of his face, stuck them on. His close-up comes, nothing. Just no reaction at all,” c’mon Kevin, you couldn’t even give her a smirk?

Not to be deterred, though, Mara went on to say “We had to re-shoot the scene, I decided to print out pictures of Obama, I though, of course, he is going to laugh, this is funny. Nothing.”

Who knew it was so hard to make Spacey laugh!

  1. Paulina Gaitan – Narcos: 10 Minutes Into Season 2

Fans were eager in anticipation for the 2nd season of Narcos, but they probably weren’t expecting the intimacy scenes to come so early on in the season. It was only 10 minutes into the 1st episode of season 2 when Paulina Gaitan (who plays Tata Escobar) gets down and dirty with a gentleman lover.

Fans were quick to take to social media to talk about the scene, including two people who commented:

“Why does Narcos have sex scenes, I have to lower down the volume so my parents won’t think I’m watching porn,” and “I was watching Narcos on the TV and a sex scene came on and my parents walk in right when the chick starts moaning.”

Angela Forero also made her Hollywood debut in the episode while also baring it all as she played a prostitute.

  1. Ruby Rose – OITNB: No Problems Baring It All

Let’s get you started with OITNB and open with the woman from the show who most recently joined the cast.

Ruby Rose’s past modelling career has made it clear that she is comfortable with exposing every part of her, but that doesn’t mean she had no nerves.

“Getting ready for my full-on naked scene was pretty intense. I remember it was Monday, I got the script, and halfway through reading it’s like my character’s naked, and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, you’re giving me four days to get my body in shape!’” she said in a past interview.

Something tells us you probably thought she was in great shape!

  1. Freema Agyeman – Sense8: They **** Each Other’s Brains Out

Freema Agyeman may have made a name for herself in the television series Doctor Who, but she’s getting people talking about her in a very different way after her hypersexual role in Sense8 that included getting down and dirty with fellow actress, Jamie Clayton that ends with Clayton uttering that she just had her brains f–ked out, yikes!

When talking about the scene in which the two characters get extra “into each other”, Agyeman said “It scared me in so many ways– it was my first American role, my first nudity, my first real love relationship. The pressure to convey that emotion authentically was a huge challenge, [but] once you take your clothes off and dive in it’s strange how quickly it becomes comfortable. Fear is just a word.”

  1. Florence Pugh – Marcella: Gives A Webcam Show

Marcella was originally aired through ITV and was later bought by Netflix. While it may not jump out to you as some of their other classics, it’s still an incredibly well-done show and just happens to include the absolutely gorgeous Florence Pugh.

Pugh’s character requires her to do some online chatting while using a webcam and needless to say, her clothes don’t spend a very long time on. The scene ends when she gets freaked out after being asked to run a knife across her body; which understandably is more scary than sexy.

Pugh previously had to film a sex scene for her movie The Falling and said,

“I felt those scenes were pivotal to the film. That’s the character, so in terms of me doing those scenes, it didn’t feel like it was cheeky to ask me, it really was evident that everyone was working to the best of their ability and that it was very tasteful.”

You can imagine she had a similar feeling towards Marcella.

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