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15 Current WWE Stars Who Have Transformed The Most In The Past 5 Years

15 Current WWE Stars Who Have Transformed The Most In The Past 5 Years

15 Current WWE Stars Who Have Transformed The Most In The Past 5 Years

Over the past five years, we have seen significant changes in the way WWE conducts business, handles the roster, and showcases their brand. We’ve seen certain wrestlers fall in and out of favor, the rise of the women’s division, and a wealth of new stars on both the main roster and NXT. It’s an exciting time for WWE, which has as big a grasp on the mainstream wrestling world as they ever have, and they seem to be expanding and experimenting in new ways to keep the product fresh. Stagnation is one of the worst things that can happen to a wrestling promotion, and measures need to be taken to make sure that it doesn’t happen.

That’s why it’s a good time to highlight the individual talents who have benefited from the shift in WWE’s philosophy. While the company has held on to several key veteran wrestlers from years past, there’s been much more of an emphasis on promoting new stars. While several big names have been taken down a notch in the WWE landscape, many more new ones are entering the prime of their careers with an important place in the roster. It’s a new era in WWE, and a wealth of new main event talent is on the horizon.

Ranked below are 15 current WWE stars who have transformed the most in the past five years.


He’s gone through multiple characters and personas during his WWE tenure, but Wyatt is still going strong. Originally a member of Nexus back in 2010 as Husky Harris, he’s competed in singles and tag competition, and alternated between the developmental FCW promotion, NXT and WWE. Now a member of the Wyatt Family, which has been active for the past three years or so, he’s seemed to have found his niche in the company, and has a marked identity moving forward. The stable is currently in limbo, but will still be able to be used in storylines for the foreseeable future. Wyatt is a confirmed WWE veteran at this point, and is worth keeping on the roster. He may not regain the clout that he once had, but it’s probably a good idea to keep him around at this point.



Just five years ago, Lynch was wrestling in various Indy promotions, trying to establish herself as an in-ring talent. As a native of Ireland, she spent a lot of her early career in European promotions, and clearly had a natural ability in the ring. Now, she’s found her way as one of the marquee figures of the burgeoning women’s division in WWE. The current Women’s Champion on SmackDown, she began her WWE tenure in NXT during 2013, and has only progressed from there. A certified fan-favorite and world-traveled in her professional wrestling career, Lynch can be counted on to provide great matches, and serves as a binding force for the women’s division as a whole. This won’t be her last title run with the company, and she has a bright career ahead of her at the age of 29.

  1. ENZO

Before he joined NXT in 2012, Enzo had no wrestling experience, and started out his career at the top of the food chain. He hasn’t disappointed, and along with Big Cass, has become a part of one of the most entertaining, up-and-coming tag teams in WWE. He’s progressed quickly, with sharp mic skills and a formidable in-ring style. He made his main roster debut in 2016, and has placed himself as one of the brightest young stars in the company. His charisma warrants significant longevity, and will be a focal point of various storylines for years to come. Several years ago, he wasn’t even in the business, and now sits as a key player in the biggest promotion of them all. That’s pretty impressive, especially for someone who hasn’t even hit their peak as a wrestler yet.


In the past five years, Sasha Banks has grown from a competitor on the Indy scene, to perhaps the most talented wrestler in the women’s division. Currently the Women’s Champion on Raw, she combines great wrestling technique, with stunning athleticism. She went from an NXT contract, and is now one of the biggest stars in women’s wrestling, primed to lead the division in the coming years. The entire roster of women’s wrestlers is strong right now in WWE, but Banks may just be the cream of the crop. She’s excelled massively in her first several years in the company, and there is no telling the heights she may be able to eventually reach. Along with a few others, she is the face of the division.


Zayn dominated the Indy scene for years as his El Generico character, and recently has taken his career to the next level in WWE. Starting out in NXT in 2013, he was already a veteran of the wrestling industry. For the first ten years of his career, he was cast as a makeshift luchadore, in his Generico garb, and it probably did better than anyone expected. Since 2015, he’s been on the main roster, and his career has gotten a boost ever since. Still in his early-30s, the sky is the limit for Zayn, who has all the traits to be a top-level talent for years to come. Frankly, WWE was really one of the only promotions he still had to prove himself in, and he’s done so over the past four years. Zayn’s story isn’t over yet, so it will be interesting to see where he goes from here.

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