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12 Samsung Apps the Rest of Us Can’t Get

12 Samsung Apps the Rest of Us Can’t Get

12 Samsung Apps the Rest of Us Can’t Get


When you’re buying a new smartphone, the selection of apps that you can download on your device can be an important factor to consider. Just as a gamer wouldn’t buy a computer that can’t handle her favorite game or a designer wouldn’t choose a tablet that doesn’t support the apps and tools he needs, most people wouldn’t buy a smartphone that isn’t compatible with the apps they’d like to use. Some people advocate for replacing the Samsung apps on a new Galaxy phone, while others wouldn’t dream of buying a smartphone that isn’t compatible with the exclusive Samsung apps that they know and love.

Samsung’s Galaxy apps store offers exclusive Samsung apps that other smartphone users can’t get. You’ll also gain access to a curated selection of apps for your Samsung devices. The store reveals the kind of apps that you can look forward to downloading if you choose a Samsung device as your next smartphone. In addition to exclusive versions of apps, downloading Samsung apps from the Galaxy apps store gives you access to exclusive deals and discounts.

  1. CNN for Samsung

CNN for Samsung is “an exclusive experience for Samsung users” that “combines the best of CNN video with CNN’s award-winning news coverage to bring you an unparalleled experience that’s fully optimized for your Samsung device.” The app enables you to watch hand-curated video content, follow breaking news stories, contribute a story to CNN iReport, access local weather information, and browse news-related photo galleries.

  1. Expedia for Samsung

Expedia for Samsung is an exclusive app that offers “elevated travel benefits and experiences for Samsung device owners.” The app enables you to book hotels, flights, rental cars, and activities for upcoming travel while also offering exclusive savings for select hotels. You can search for hotels, read reviews by verified guests, find flights, get tickets for tours and museums, choose a car rental, and receive alerts for flight delays and hotel check-out times.

  1. Kindle for Samsung

Kindle for Samsung is an e-reading app just for Samsung customers. It offers users a free downloadable book every month through Samsung Book Deals, and gives you access to millions of books including bestsellers and Kindle exclusives. The Whispersync feature saves and synchronizes the last page you’ve read so that you can pick up where you left off on any of your devices. Plus, your bookmarks and annotations are saved, too.

  1. Lyft for Samsung

Lyft is a great alternative to hailing a cab or waiting for a bus, and Lyft for Samsung enables you to request a car with the tap of a button. When you download Lyft for Samsung via the Galaxy Apps store, you’ll get $50 in free ride credits and get $5 off each of your first 10 rides.

  1. News Republic for Samsung

News Republic is a news app that offers “an elegant design, unrivaled news coverage, and a simple, delightful interface” optimized for Samsung’s smartphones and tablets. News Republic for Samsung gives you access to news from local and international news agencies, learns what you like to personalize your experience, and enables you to read articles complete with photos and videos.

  1. S Planner

S Planner, Samsung’s calendar app, is one of the Samsung apps that many users replace with a different version from another developer. But S Planner is a fully-featured calendar app, and has plenty of fans. S Planner can sync with your Google and Facebook accounts. You can add a location to any event with Google Maps, and you can even check the weather for the coming week right from your calendar.

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